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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Big Brother is being watched...

Now, for those of you who know me (yes... you as in singular person only), will know that i have a voyeuristic streak in me. For those of you who dont... now you do.

OK... how can I explain this in laymans terms?
Big brother. Basically, it boils down to those security cameras that exist all over the planet.
Is there 1 person watching each camera?
Nope... usually, security companies centralise their cameras over the internet at main head-quarters.
And what miracle protocol do they use to transmit this highly confidential information cheaply and securely over the net?
Well... cheaply at least... they use JAVA

Still with me? Good... it's gonna be worth it...

So, each camera has a web page that controls it, which only the security companies know the adress of , of course, for security reasons.
Each web page has a java script on it to control the cam.
What is the java applets name? easy... search Canons web pages... and it is:
liveapplet LvAppl

So far so good?

Sooooo... we have a web page (about 12000 of them... one per cam)
Annnnd... we have a web page search engine...
put 1 and 1 together, and we have a simple search on google for pages with this applet:

GOOGLE : intitle:liveapplet inurl:LvAppl

There you go. Now you can be Big Brother for a day.

My personal favourite is the sheraton Hotel in Maui... here's the link:

Heya Maui...

Then theres Andorra Anyone?
or even the Abana Astoria Hotel
Anyone want to monkey around in aZoo?

Been playing around with this for a bit, and i have found cams at universities in Canada, construction sites in South Africa, bars in Japan, ski slopes in Andorra. Some cams dont work, because they're probably only turned on at night... or something, but most work.

One cool thing you can try... some cams are set up so that if you pan around 180º, you will actually be looking into the security console... :D

It is almost clichéd as to what you can do with this. All you have to do is click on CONTROL CAMERA, and boom... you do...

The zoom on some of these monsters is amazing. I was able to read a license plate number off of a car parked across the street where the cam was set up...

Scary.... but Oh my deity... what fun....

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