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Friday, August 26, 2005

Ad-less radio, in Portugal

(Anyone who doesn't live in Portugal, please ignore the following post, unless you have a 28.0000m antenna)

I was driving along, 4 months ago, flipping radio stations, when i got one that was playing some cool music.

1 week later.... i still had the same channel tuned on my radio.

No RDS name... just 91.6.

Then I realised something.... after having listened to the radio station for about 1 hour per day, I had never heard a single commercial.

Just straight music. Some of it mainstream, some of it underground.... but it's pretty good, IMHO.

Oh yeah... every 40 mins of music, a guy comes on and says "Noventa e Um ponto Seis FM, Lisboa".... then it's another 40 mins of non stop music....

Who are they?
What do they want?
Do they install adware on your car radio or something?
How else could they survive?

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