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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Evel Knievel hangs up his helmet

Evel Knievel has trouble now just walking from his condo to the pool.

One of my favourites, back in the day, I had his motorised bike, complete with rider, and it was christmas time all over again whenever someone managed to sneak a video of some of his stunts through the Malawian censorship's talons (another, different, long story)

According to ksdk:

"The '70s cultural icon and poster boy for fast living and derring-do is 67, his body broken by years of spectacular crashes and ravaged by a multitude of serious ailments. The king of the daredevils can hardly get out of bed most days, let alone straddle a Harley.

On bad days, Knievel wishes he had gone into another line of work. On better days, he doesn't regret a minute. Lung disease sometimes makes it hard for him to talk, but his stories still drip with swagger. He can be kind and gracious one minute, irascible and profane the next."

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