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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Watch out for strip clubs... If you're under cover

OK, so everyone knows that terrorists don't fight fair and, often, neither do the government forces who try to thwart them. But both sides in the war on terrorism are deploying strange tactics, methods that can only be described as really, truly dirty.

Porn, lingerie and, allegedly, lap dances have been employed of late as instruments of countersurveillance and coercion. What remains a very serious global struggle is, at times, fought in strangely sexual ways.

Consider the testimony in April of an al-Qaeda informant within the stuffy confines of London's Old Bailey court. "When we went on-line we would deliberately go onto chat rooms and pornography sites. There were probably times I enjoyed it," the admitted terrorist testified, speaking of a technique he and friends used to divert scrutiny.

So sayeth The Globe And Mail

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