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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Space Hygiene

The world's first female space tourist and first space blogger, American national Anousheh Ansari, has been telling the world of the difficulties of keeping tidy in zero gravity.

"Well my friends, I must admit keeping good hygiene in space is not easy!" the Iranian-born woman wrote, saying she would reveal what "everyone wants to know" but is too modest to ask.
"Water does not 'flow' here, it 'floats' - which makes it a challenging act to clean yourself," Ms Ansari said.

She explains that astronauts bathe with wet and dry towels and swallow after brushing their teeth, which they refer to as "the fresh mint effect".

Ms Ansari says she had been given the personal hygiene kit of Daisuke Enomoto, a would-be space tourist from Japan who was pulled from the flight because of health problems, leaving her with "a razor and lots of shaving cream, but no make-up".

Hair-washing in space brings its own difficulties.

"You basically take a water bag and slowly make a huge water bubble over your head and then very very gently, using a dry shampoo, you wash your hair," Ms Ansari said.
"At the slightest sudden movement, little water bubbles start floating everywhere."
Ms Ansari has promised to share videos of the process upon her return to Earth.

More at ABC News

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