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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anne in Malawi gets "re-placed"

The customs and language are not far from what I’ve already learned, the climate and geography are easy to acclimatize to and the people whom I’ll be working closely with, from what I hear are one of a kind development ‘champions’ if you may.

The biggest challenge that I have identified with my next placement is:

  1. Apathy – The majority of the population, from what I know is more on the apathetic side. I found that the citizens, although really warm and inviting, have a problem of being distracted from all the materials in life, having challenges focusing on issues that really matter, believing that they have a voice to call out for change.

  2. Balance – This is more of a personal challenge. Balance to the cause in the next chapter of this placement will be a little more challenging especially when faced with something as challenging and as difficult as apathy. Balancing my personal life with ways to overcome apathy, well, there seems to be a very fine line that separates the two. There’s also a lot of change occurring in my personal life with the post-secondary chapter of my life coming to a close end.

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