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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Random Chat

ChanceChat is another way to connect randomly to people all over the world.
You can come on ChanceChat to chat instantly with interesting people, just input some of your information (like age and gender), and narrow your search for your chat partner, and if someone is on the system that matches your criteria, you will instantly be connected to that person.

Here's my first shot at this:

[23:36] Syndrome: Hi Maw!
[23:37] mawalien: hey
[23:37] mawalien: hows things?
[23:37] Syndrome: How are you? grin.gif
[23:37] mawalien: doing pretty good, thanks
[23:37] Syndrome: Things are good over here!
[23:37] mawalien: goodie
[23:37] Syndrome: And there?
[23:37] mawalien: wheres here?
[23:38] Syndrome: So where are you from?
[23:38] Syndrome: Florida, USA.
[23:38] mawalien: well, 27 degree weather, in lisbon portugal
[23:38] mawalien: where am i from?
[23:38] Syndrome: surprised.gif
[23:38] mawalien: malawi, central africa
[23:39] mawalien: 27 degreees celcius
[23:39] Syndrome: That's so interesting!
[23:39] Syndrome: I have to tell you, youre the first Malawilian (what do you call yourselves, hehe?) I've ever met!
[23:39] Syndrome: So nice to meet you!
[23:39] mawalien: grin.gifgrin.gif malawian
[23:39] mawalien: cheers
[23:40] Syndrome: Cheers! ;D
[23:40] mawalien: well... first floridian ive met alsotongue.gif
[23:40] Syndrome: So are you at home? An internet cafe?
[23:40] mawalien: home, on the porch, just stumbling a bit... thats how i found this page
[23:41] mawalien: tell me about florida...
[23:41] Syndrome: That is also how I found this page!
[23:41] mawalien: were you born there?
[23:41] Syndrome: Well, right now it is VERY hot and humid! I am sitting in my room. smile.gif
[23:41] Syndrome: Yes, I am 18 years old. Born and raised here in South Florida!
[23:42] mawalien: nice
[23:43] mawalien: have you travelled much?
[23:43] Syndrome: Have you ever been to America?
[23:43] Syndrome: Sadly, no. Not yet, but I plan to! Maybe Australia, or something grin.gif
[23:43] mawalien: nope... never been. dont know much about the states apart from the whole consumerism and bushism thingy
[23:44] Syndrome: Is English your first language?
[23:44] mawalien: have a couple of friends there, most went to school with me in malawi
[23:44] Syndrome: Very cool! You are my only African friend!
[23:45] Syndrome: So, do you speak other languages?
[23:45] mawalien: yeah. been in portugal since 1999, so i know portuguese.
[23:45] mawalien: smile.gif my pleasure.
[23:46] Syndrome: Wow! Everyone besides the US seems to be so multi-lingual!
[23:46] mawalien: well... bilingual... most people in portugal speak portuguese and english or french.
[23:46] Syndrome: I can only speak English and I know sign language.
[23:46] Syndrome: Would love to learn french
[23:46] mawalien: sign language. cool. did you need to learn it, or just wanted to learn it?
[23:47] Syndrome: It's very interesting. Wanted to. they had a 3 week course at my highschool!
[23:47] mawalien: all i've learnt about signing came from an applet in firefox with the basic letters
[23:48] Syndrome: Excuse my ignorance, but is it American Sign Language or another?
[23:48] mawalien: I guess it would be cool if more people knew how to sign. (silent conversations)
[23:48] Syndrome: I really enjoy it. smile.gif
[23:48] mawalien: well, it's a plugin for firefox, in iGoogle, so i would reckon it's american
[23:49] Syndrome: Ah, yes I've seen it!
[23:49] mawalien: although, untill you brought it up, i thought all signing was the same, regardless of the country
[23:49] mawalien: smile.gif i'll look into it sometime
[23:49] Syndrome: Ah, almost each country has it's own sign language.
[23:50] Syndrome: I hope you don't mind me asking, but what is your name? smile.gif
[23:50] mawalien: wow
[23:50] mawalien: my names marc
[23:51] mawalien: and yours?
[23:51] Syndrome: Jessica. Just a very boring American name. smile.gif
[23:52] mawalien: ah, i knew a jessica in malawi... jessica rue. her dad was a dentist. she was two years ahead of me in schoolsmile.gif
[23:53] mawalien: hung out with her brother a bunch
[23:53] mawalien: so, are you in varsity?
[23:53] Syndrome: What does varsity mean?
[23:53] mawalien: erm, college
[23:54] Syndrome: My last year of highschool!
[23:54] Syndrome: Next year!
[23:55] mawalien: have you decided what you'll be studying?
[23:55] Syndrome: Hmm..
[23:55] Syndrome: Not yet!
[23:55] mawalien: are your school years from september till june or january till october?
[23:56] Syndrome: Maybe actually sign language or something wtih computers
[23:56] Syndrome: What do you do?
[23:56] Syndrome: Sept til June.
[23:56] Syndrome: Well, August, actually.
[23:56] mawalien: i'm a systems administrator
[23:56] mawalien: ok, so it's like portugal toosmile.gif
[23:56] Syndrome: surprised.gif
[23:56] Syndrome: That sounds really cool.
[23:57] mawalien: yeah, well... it's basically just fiixing computers...
[23:57] Syndrome: Were you born in Portugal?
[23:57] Syndrome: Really cool! Do you program?
[23:58] mawalien: born in malawi... like i said in the beginning tounge.gif
[23:58] Syndrome: Wow! tongue.gif I bet it's more comlicated than that
[23:58] mawalien: ah, no... never got into the programming thing... i'm mainly hardware and networks
[23:59] Syndrome: I know a little hardware/networking myself. And some programming on the side, hehe.
[23:59] Syndrome: I took those courses in school. smile.gif
[23:59] mawalien: yeah, well, signing and computers sounds interesting too
[23:59] Syndrome: I'm a computer nerd girl. Hehe.
[00:00] mawalien: smile.gif it's always good to know a little about a lot of things
[00:00] mawalien: great... first computer nerd floridian i've met
[00:00] Syndrome: That is some good advice!
[00:00] Syndrome: Hehe. grin.gif
[00:01] mawalien: any plans for the weekend?
[00:01] Syndrome: Were you born in Portugal?
[00:01] mawalien: no, born in malawi, central africa
[00:01] mawalien: i think some messages arent getting through...
[00:01] Syndrome: Ah, I'm sure. Nothing interesting. Maybe go to the beach with friends and so on. smile.gif We have very nice beaches here. ;P
[00:02] Syndrome: So born in Malawi, went to portugal, and now back home? smile.gif
[00:02] mawalien: back home?
[00:02] Syndrome: Wow!
[00:02] mawalien: i'm still in portugal...
[00:03] Syndrome: Ah.. I understand now.
[00:03] Syndrome: Ah.. I understand now.
[00:03] mawalien: thats my plan exactly. beach... and rest...
[00:03] Syndrome: Do you miss home, or are you happy in Portugal?
[00:03] mawalien: happy here, but i always miss home
[00:03] Syndrome: I really love the ocean. smile.gif
[00:04] mawalien: last time i was back was in jan
[00:04] Syndrome: I hope you don't mind me asking, but how old are you? smile.gif
[00:04] mawalien: 29
[00:04] Syndrome: Very cool. Bet you didnt mind that
[00:04] mawalien: i dont mind at alltongue.gif
[00:05] mawalien: basically, malawi makes a living from agriculture and tourism
[00:06] mawalien: got a couple of friends that are still there, but theyre managinggrin.gif
[00:07] Syndrome: That's good, do they enjoy being there still?
[00:07] Syndrome: surprised.gif
[00:08] Syndrome: I looked at some pictures. Malawi looks beautiful!
[00:09] mawalien: its great. if you ever want to visit another country thats really different...
[00:09] Syndrome: Marc, it has been really interesting chatting with you! smile.gif But I must go, it is dinner time over here in Florida! sad.gif
[00:09] Syndrome: Thank you for company!
[00:09] mawalien: ok... thank you too. Cheers!
[00:10] Syndrome: Bye bye! grin.gif Enjoy the beach! wink.gif

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