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Friday, May 23, 2008

Pretty Hate Machine

I don't leave tips.
I dont donate money.
I don't give cigarettes to homeless people.
I don't give coins to drug addicts who think theyre helping me park my car.
I don't have an account where the bank deposits 0.5% of my salary into a charities account.
I don't fill a grocery bag with food and hand it to the hunger charity waiting at the back of the supermarket.
Even when I lived in africa (where people have REAL problems) I never gave out money or change to anyone, no matter how bad the situation looked.
I don't have 50 sites in my favourites where for each click or advert I view, they send off a grain of rice or a shotglass of water down to africa, or across the ocean to wherever the latest hurricane or earthquake hit.

I dont, because I dont believe that doing any of those things will actually work in making the situations better. Also, all the major money making companies and governments turn a blind eye to all those things, and hide this fact by telling people they can donate their money, in order to feel better about themselves....

I was at the shops last week, and of the 5 things I went in to buy, 3 of them had big yellow and red stickers on them, saying something to the tune of:

"For every one of these yoghurts/bottles of juice/packets of tea you buy, we will donate 5/10/20 cents to the save the childeren/heart/cancer/animal protection institute."


The companies selling these goods are not going to put in an extra 10 cents for every bog roll/kilo of lettuce/sack of kitty litter I buy.

Therefore, they add it on top of their price.

WHICH MEANS I'M PAYING TO DONATE TO A CHARITY THAT I DIDNT CHOOSE... and that I didnt want to donate to in the first place...

From now on, any product that mentions it'll give 10 cents over to a (insert charity organisation, humanitarian group or medical investigation institute here) I'm boycotting.