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Monday, December 29, 2008

Wishlist - HDD

Imagine a Hard Drive which uses DDR RAM instead of standard magnetic platters. 1100 nanoseconds read, and 250 nanoseconds write, and is around 6 times faster than a RAID of WD Raptors.


Mmmmmm...... extreme power...

From the manufacturers site:

"A good hard disk can do around 40,000 stops and starts at 40 degrees centigrade (Hitachi/IBM Deskstar 180GXP). The HyperDrive4 doesn't mind how many stops and starts it does because it has no moving parts.

XP installs on a HyperDrive4 in around 7 minutes, rather than the 40 minutes that it takes to install on a Hard Disk. The limitation is the CDROM drive speed not the HyperDrive speed!
It fires up Windows XP in 2-3 seconds from the splash screen to the desktop with nForce4/5 Mobos. So it is “instant on” and has an “instant desktop”. The limitation here is the polling response time of your hardware and timing delays in some device drivers not the HyperDrive.

Vast performance increases are seen for IO intensive applications such a Graphics, Games, Audio processing, Video processing, large Databases, and large Spreadsheets etc. You can run Windows, your applications and your data all on the HyperDrive4 or use the HyperDrive4 as an extremely fast scratch disk.

Since the HD4 has no gramophone style disk head, it can service 125 people on a Network (performing 125 IO operations) in the time that a conventional HDD takes to service one person (performing one IO operation). The Head of a HDD can only be in one place at once. The HD4 uses Random Access Memory and so can find 8000 pieces of data in the time that a HDD finds one piece of data by moving its head backwards and forwards and by whirring its disk platter round and round"

Read more details here.

Well.... one more to add to my "If I win the Euromillions" wishlist...

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