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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Festival of the flesh

This weekend, I went to the Estoril Open as a "VIP" guest.

Being a VIP, I thought I would be treated to proportionally Very Important Treatment.

Instead, inside the ominous VIP tent, there were ample leather sofas, free drinks at the bar and scantily clad, heavily bosomed females.

Now, I do enjoy appreciating the female form as much as anyone else, but all this flesh smacked of soulless exploitation of the girls hired by each of the companies to represent them. Nothing against the girls who were there, but my first thought was that the brain to boob mass in the tent was very low indeed.

One thing I must comment on: Outside the VIP Tent, there were a lot of fun activities going on, like playing virtual tennis with a rudimentary Wii-like tennis racket, a fairly difficult "catch the black ball" game, where the prizes were gigantic tennis balls, plus a myriad of shops giving out samples of their wines, cheeses & smoked meats.

So next time, I know...

If I want to spend the afternoon looking at boobs, I'll go VIP. If I want to spend the afternoon having a laugh, I won't go VIP.

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