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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Chump

Dear Chump,

I thought about calling you a week ago.

Wanted to tell you about the comment that I found last Tuesday on Daliweb, from way back in 1998.

You said:

"I have loved Dali's paintings since high school. It's good to see it on net too."
Thursday, April 23, 1998 at 01:52:55 (EDT)"

And that made me think back to Mr. Bruggerman's art class, both of us in the back, laffin our asses off, and listening to Nirvana and Beavis n Butthead. You made your "controversial" Mum sculpture, and I did the citadel, and we were both inspired by the hot Malawian sun, laughter, friends, and our first glimpses at Dali.

I wanted to say "Hey... what the hell... we haven't seen each other in 14 years... How's about gettin your sorry self over to Portugal toot-sweet?" as soon as you picked up the fone.

14 years... You were right... time doesn't fly between best buds.

I remember my first day at school, when you came up to me and said "So, you're the guy who went away, and came back?" I said "I guess", and you replied "Huh... you're quiet..."

The last thing we did together was play chicken 3 times in a row at Capitol Hotel pool. Not too bad for a chick! You just know we were invincible... Still have the three battle scars.

I remember running behind you, coming up from the hockey field, in torrential rain. As we hit the old skating rink, I looked in horror as I saw you slip, fly up horizontally, then crash to the ground.
I almost screamed "Are you OK?" as I tried to help you up.
You groaned "I think I broke my butt!", and we both cracked up in the rain.

Youth group and Mr. Dunfords 2000A.D. comics.

I still have the Angels Don't Cry tape cover you made me. And the prayer beads. And the jade leaf.

More than that, I have some of your love for the little things in life.

Some of your smile in mine.
My sense of humor was influenced by your laughter, and I'm pretty sure it'll echo on.
You helped me to grow in a lot of little ways.

November rain, dear.


you were early

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Veronica Electronica said...

life is made of memories like these

don't ever lose them

build more of them everyday of your life

huuuge hug!