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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Americans trying to gain some vinicular "Prestige"?

A winery owner argues against lowering the minimum requirement for a vintage date, and
Americans propose to retain the 95 percent requirement for an “American viticultural area (or its foreign equivalent) as an appellation of origin.


Ok, if you say so...

Read all about it...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Did you remember seeing him as the Demon in constantine? (No? well... he wasn't given credit for it)
What about Big Fish? Karl the giant?

Matthew McGrory passed away on the 9th of August.

He held records for being the tallest actor, and having the largest feet. (Size 63, European)

Monday, August 29, 2005

VHS, RIP. DVD takes it's place.

- Star wars Episode III will be the only episode of the series that will not be released on VHS.
- VHS is 29 years old

"Where's the lyrical magic in the title "Sex, Lies and DVD"?
And where would Quentin Tarantino be sans the tape, having skillfully ripped off everything he saw in every movie he rented while working as a Los Angeles video store clerk?"

So sayeth the Washington Post

Komplete Kubrick

Cambridge's (Read: Cambridge, MA) only Independant "Cinema-théque" is going all out on Kubricks movies in September.

Full Listing

Although not many of can actually go and watch this, you could use it as a handy list, to check up on any films you may have missed...

Hot Hot XXX Pictures....

Well... not XXX... More like Xbox360...

Anyway... here they are...

Three Xbox360 Dev Versions, plus controller

The DVD Drive

The SIS Southbridge

Motherboard, showing the PowerPC and ATI Xenos GPU chips

Weird Power Connector

SPECIAL ports... only available on Dev machines

The PowerPC chip in all it's glory

Or, if you want the full set of pics... get them HERE...

Little bit of help for the turists...

Click the image to see portugal's metero system... english version..

Comment Spam

Yep.... got about 100 comments spammed to my blog this weekend.... I think I have manged to remove all of it...

Unfortunately, because of this, I have activated the "word verification" feature for anyone (or anything) that wants to comment

Friday, August 26, 2005

Lock Bumping


Lock Bumping can bypass 90% of all locks.
I'd be amazed if it could get through the legendary ASSA Twin 6000


And apparently, the more expensive the lock, the easier to"Bump"

Read the whitepaper (PDF) here

Or get the (EXTREMELY HUUUGE - +- 860MB) video here

UPDATE: Whoah... I just read up on my private bookmarks.... It does work for the ASSA Twin... you just need to cut a bumper from a region 4 Blank... sweet!!!

Proxies - Part 2

Remeber the Proxy list I posted about?

well... forget them....

Here... make your own...

And i was just joking about forgetting the other proxies...:P

"Paste" anything to anything

Sweet n simple...

All they need now is to add an option to glue bank accounts

Recycling Body Waste

Ok... just something I picked up off the net.
Curiosity got to me, and I was interested to find out if my "disbelief" in a "medical practice" was justified, just like homeopathy etc etc.

Dunno if I think that it's scientifically... needed, and there is not much proof to back it up.
Take itwith a pinch of salt.... know that there are a lot of quacks out there

Anyway, if you are squeamish, or are under 18, dont click here

Google talk.... Part 2


Google Talk Secrets...



New Instant Messenger - Google Talk

I'm trying it out.

Nick is Mawalien

Read all about it...

Instant slide scanning

A project I'm trying to get off the ground...

I have a bunch of old slides, and want to digitalize them...

Click HERE to see a project already in development.

Ad-less radio, in Portugal

(Anyone who doesn't live in Portugal, please ignore the following post, unless you have a 28.0000m antenna)

I was driving along, 4 months ago, flipping radio stations, when i got one that was playing some cool music.

1 week later.... i still had the same channel tuned on my radio.

No RDS name... just 91.6.

Then I realised something.... after having listened to the radio station for about 1 hour per day, I had never heard a single commercial.

Just straight music. Some of it mainstream, some of it underground.... but it's pretty good, IMHO.

Oh yeah... every 40 mins of music, a guy comes on and says "Noventa e Um ponto Seis FM, Lisboa".... then it's another 40 mins of non stop music....

Who are they?
What do they want?
Do they install adware on your car radio or something?
How else could they survive?


I was listening to Antena 3 news at 7:00 this morning.

And I quote:

"Finally, Portugal has no more forest fires blazing. They have all been put out. Portuguese people can breathe easily now. I repeat, all fires have been put out.

And in our next news byte, the 6 fires that started 1 week ago near Ponte Lima are still blazing, although firemen claim that it will be surrounded this weekend."



Thursday, August 25, 2005

This is just too cute...



Lotz of thems.... right here

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Did I say a moderately sized aircraft carrier?

What I meant to say is a cool slice of lemon, wrapped round a Giga-Quol cluster....

Some people can be such frikin imbeciles....

And others can really let that get to them...

ahem... Zen...



Ohmacdonald had a farm...

Second Impressions

I am extremely irritable. Just today, I have had the urge to shoot two people in the kneecaps, and brutally club another over the head with a moderately sized aircraft carrier. Grrr...
Getting slight stomach cramps.
Only slept 3 hours last night.
I have no apetite whatsoever. None. (Which, incidently, is only slightly worse than my normal apetite) I have to force myself to eat anything.
Mouth still tastes like an ashtray.
blechgh... the fun never stops...

Recycle Everything

Go here to check out how you can recycle bits from old equipment...

Nice read, and something I have to apply to the 500Kg of old equipment I have lying around at home.


Hidden (Useful) Utilities by Micro$oft

I use ISO images.
It is a pain to install/read/open stuff from an ISO image.
As you either need to burn the ISO onto a CD, or mount it in a Virtual CD application.

I have access to the MSDN thingy.

They mention (VERY obscurely...) the existance of a Micro$oft tool, that does just that...
it's the "Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP".

The thing is, it isn't even searchable from the Micro$oft download centre...


When Ice makes fire

Well, if you ever get lost in the wilderness...
and there's lots of snow around,
and you need a fire to cook a bear...
(Or a cauliflower, if you're a vegetarian)

Try this over Here...


I have seen "Alarm Clocks" that you can download, and will play a sound (Yes... even MP3's) at a predetermined time. I have also seen some of these aplications costing US$50.
Listen, people... save yourself $50 and read this, mmmkay?

Use the “Scheduled Tasks” feature that comes with Windows, but when the wizard asks for a program, instead supply an mp3 filename. When the time comes, the task scheduler will open the mp3 file with the associated app.

PLease send the money you have saved to:

The Pockets of Mawalien Association,
No. 3,
Behind the sink

Decode your Drivers' License

If you live in the States, you probably know that about 39 states have a 2D barcode on their drivers licenses.

Wanna see what yours says?

Scan it, then go here

List of browsing proxies

Check them out Here...
Nice little list of secure and non-secure proxies

(Use them to browse the web anonymously)

Zippo de doo daa....

While I'm on the subject of cutting down smoking... I might as well cut down on my lighter too...

Erm... yeah...

Check it Out...

One of the best Ideas I have seen

These guys make backpacks with solar cells in them, and a lithium battery.

Personal power... anywhere...

So, unless you're a mole, go and check their SITE out....

When fire makes Ice

So I'm reading around, and I come up on a website that shows you how to cool beer, using a jet engine...

Bloody kiwis...


I know... I know... you have a burning question....

What beer do they use?

Heres a hint...

Yeah, Baby...
Check the rest of the story here

Monday, August 22, 2005

First Impressions

The first and second day of "Nicotine Abstinance" wasn't noticeable, seeing as I can go through a weekend without smoking. I have smoked for about 10 years, so lets see how this goes.

I have noticed that on the second day, early afternoon, my mouth tastes like an ashtray. Interesting, it wasn't this bad when I smoked.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

HIghlights from today - Part 1

1 Wondered if my beard is gonna get me labeled as unkempt.
2 Got 2 pics from my Mom. Sigh... I sure miss her
3 Only thought about putting in the Euro Millions ticket at 19:30
4 Stayed a little later at work, so I could get some emails written
5 My Grandads brother called me and said his heart surgery went fine
6 Thought about the concerts next week
7 Had lunch with the gang
8 Decided to post some highlights of my day

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Piracy is BAADD!!!

Piracy is definately bad...

But, if you want to see whats available, check this out:
(Don't click them... copy/paste to a new window)
Please be aware that these sites contain Ad's. Be wary because of Adware... The porn is the least of your worries... -(Supposedly, they don't do piracy. They just supply retail (FULL) versions of a lot of software) - Want some movies? (These guys also claim that they dont do piracy)

This is just a hint of things available out there...

Take care, guys...

Easy flash Pic and Vid albums

zphoto is a flash-based photo album generator.
You can create a flash-based on-line album from photos or videos taken by a digital camera.

Check it out HERE

Webdesign... How To... or How NOT To...

Some great tips for you budding webdesign freaks out there...


"According to preliminary information from the survey, obtained by the E-Commerce Times, respondents' major peeves about commercial Web sites were pop-up advertising (34.9 percent), registration log-on pages (16.7 percent), software installation (15.7 percent) and slow-loading pages (9.1 percent)."

Read it all Here

Gimme gimme gimmeeee....


My birthday is on the 24th of September...

Got that?

Marvel at the beast right HERE

Touring Spain...

at over 240Km/h...





Life of Brian

Life Of Brian: Scene 8

[scary music]

CENTURION: What's this, then? 'Romanes Eunt Domus'? 'People called Romanes they go the house'?

BRIAN: It-- it says, 'Romans, go home'.

CENTURION: No, it doesn't. What's Latin for 'Roman'? Come on!



BRIAN: 'R-- Romanus'?

CENTURION: Goes like...?

BRIAN: 'Annus'?

CENTURION: Vocative plural of 'annus' is...?

BRIAN: Eh. 'Anni'?

CENTURION: 'Romani'. 'Eunt'? What is 'eunt'?

BRIAN: 'Go'. Let--

CENTURION: Conjugate the verb 'to go'.

BRIAN: Uh. 'Ire'. Uh, 'eo'. 'Is'. 'It'. 'Imus'. 'Itis'. 'Eunt'.

CENTURION: So 'eunt' is...?

BRIAN: Ah, huh, third person plural, uh, present indicative. Uh, 'they go'.

CENTURION: But 'Romans, go home' is an order, so you must use the...?

BRIAN: The... imperative!

CENTURION: Which is...?

BRIAN: Umm! Oh. Oh. Um, 'i'. 'I'!

CENTURION: How many Romans?

BRIAN: Ah! 'I'-- Plural. Plural. 'Ite'. 'Ite'.


BRIAN: Ah. Eh.



CENTURION: Nominative?


CENTURION: 'Go home'? This is motion towards. Isn't it, boy?

BRIAN: Ah. Ah, dative, sir! Ahh! No, not dative! Not the dative, sir! No! Ah! Oh, the... accusative! Accusative! Ah! 'Domum', sir! 'Ad domum'! Ah! Oooh! Ah!

CENTURION: Except that 'domus' takes the...?

BRIAN: The locative, sir!

CENTURION: Which is...?!

BRIAN: 'Domum'.


BRIAN: Aaah! Ah.

CENTURION: 'Um'. Understand?

BRIAN: Yes, sir.

CENTURION: Now, write it out a hundred times.

BRIAN: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Hail Caesar, sir.

CENTURION: Hail Caesar. If it's not done by sunrise, I'll cut your balls off.

BRIAN: Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Hail Caesar and everything, sir! Oh. Mmm! Finished!

ROMAN SOLDIER STIG: Right. Now don't do it again.


MAN: Hey! Bloody Romans.

Read the full SCRIPT

Please Read before asking me for anything...

"Hardware Problem" Prices:

-Figuring out you mean floppy drive when you say hard drive - $50.00
-BEFORE I order your replacement hard drive - $250.00
-Telling me that you don't have a hard drive $50
-Spending 15 minutes to find out the size of your hard drive (includes walking you through the process) $100
-Telling me that you don't save anything to the any of the drives, you "just push a button and it goes off into computer land." $50
-Fixing your "broken" mouse with a mousepad - $25.00
-Fixing your "broken" optical mouse by rotating the mousepad 90 degrees -$35.00
-Fixing your "broken" optical mouse by taking off the post-it note someone has put on the bottom. - $50.00
-Fixing a "broken" mouse by cleaning the rollers - $50.00
-Fixing your "broken" printer with an ink/toner cartridge - $35.00
-Fixing your "broken" ANYTHING with the power button - $250.00
-Fixing the "crashed" system by turning the external disk back on - $200.00
-Fixing the "hung" systemby plugging the ethernet transciver back in - $375.00
-Fixing the crashed nameserver by plugging back in the SCSI cord someone accidentially yanked out on Friday afternoon when the 'real' sysadmin has just left for a two week vacation - $400
-Visiting your old university and fixing the broken PC by plugging the monitor lead back in - $50
-Spilling coke on keyboard - $25 plus cost of keyboard
-Spilling coke on monitor - $50 plus cost of monitor
-Spilling coke on CPU - $200 plus cost of motherboard swap plus hourly rate of $150 per hour spent reinstalling the system
-Cleaning the mouse with spit and sleeve - $50 plus cost of sleeve plus cost of therapy :)
-Chewing on the end of the graphic tablet stylus - $25
-Listening to your network troubles, suggesting that you check to see if you are plugged into the network jack, hearing yes, trying five other things, asking you to identify your plug type, listening to you drag furniture, and hearing a sheepish, "Oops. Nevermind." - $35 (including discount for polite apology)

Suicide Bunnies

This has to be the funniest collection of online "comic" pics that I have seen...

(Probably copyrighted... you might want to grab a copy just in case it gets taken down)

The whole collection HERE...