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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Translatory Liberation

Take a healthy serving of:

Harmonizar o projecto para que a Praça tenha uma conjugação perfeita entre o cheiro do verde e das flores, o som da água a circular e em queda e a companhia de passarinhos

Add a little of this, a whole bunch of imagination, bake for 12 hours, and voliá:

Harmonize the project in a way that the square possesses a perfect blend of the sights and smells of the greenery and flowers and the sound of flowing and cascading water, all in the company of local bird species

Sunday, October 28, 2007

DarkAlex releases universal PSP unbricker

Although this was made to unbrick your PSP, it can be used to "crack" any version to be able to play Homebrew apps, and "backups" of your original games.

Get the files and readme HERE. I have cracked 2 PSP's using this method, so yes, it does work.

Note: DAX (Dark Alex) is spanish. Just so you know....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Amazing Brain

We all have a little something like this inside us.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007



Ah, right...

Great laughs

Been listening to Mitch Hedberg all week.
Laffin my ass off in the middle of traffic is cool. Here's a couple of lines from Mitch:

- My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen banana, I said "No, but I want a regular banana later, so, Yeah."

- The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how good I get, I'll never be as good as a wall.

- I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. There's a large out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside.

- On a traffic light yellow means yield, and green means go. On a banana, it's just the opposite, yellow means go ahead, green means stop, and red means, where'd you get that banana?

- I like buying snacks from a vending machine because food is better when it falls. Sometimes at the grocery, I'll drop a candy bar so that it will achieve its maximum flavor potential.

- You know they call corn-on-the-cob, "corn-on-the-cob", but that's how it comes out of the ground. They should just call it corn, and every other type of corn, corn-off-the-cob. It's not like if someone cut off my arm they would call it "Mitch", and then re-attached it, and call it "Mitch-all-together".

- If you had a friend who was a tightrope walker, and you were walking down a sidewalk, and he fell, that would be completely unacceptible...

- My apartment is infested with koala bears. It's the cutest infestation ever. Way better than cockroaches. When I turn on the light, a bunch of koala bears scatter, but I don't want them too. I'm like, "Hey... Hold on fellows... Let me hold one of you, and feed you a leaf." Koala bears are so cute, why do they have to be so far away from me. We need to ship a few over, so I can hold one, and pat it on its head.

- Every time I go and shave, I assume there is somebody else on the planet shaving as well, so I say, "I'm gonna go shave too."

(That last one is my personal favourite... applies to sooo many things :) )

Cool things you can do with your body

When your throat tickles, scratch your ear - "When the nerves in the ear are stimulated, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause a muscle spasm," says Scott Schaffer, M.D., president of an ear, nose and throat specialty center in Gibbsboro, New Jersey. "This spasm relieves the tickle."

Painless Injections - German researchers have discovered that coughing during an injection can lessen the pain of the needle stick. According to Taras Usichenko, author of a study on the phenomenon, the trick causes a sudden, temporary rise in pressure in the chest and spinal canal, inhibiting the pain-conducting structures of the spinal cord.

Fight acid reflux - Studies have shown that patients who sleep on their left sides are less likely to suffer from acid reflux. The esophagus and stomach connect at an angle. When you sleep on your right, the stomach is higher than the esophagus, allowing food and stomach acid to slide up your throat. When you're on your left, the stomach is lower than the esophagus, so gravity's in your favor.

Stop the world from spinning - One too many drinks left you dizzy? Put your hand on something stable. The part of your ear responsible for balance—the cupula—floats in a fluid of the same density as blood. "As alcohol dilutes blood in the cupula, the cupula becomes less dense and rises," says Dr. Schaffer. This confuses your brain. The tactile input from a stable object gives the brain a second opinion, and you feel more in balance. Because the nerves in the hand are so sensitive, this works better than the conventional foot-on-the-floor wisdom.

Fold a friend - Next time you're at a party, try this trick: Have a person hold one arm straight out to the side, palm down, and instruct him to maintain this position. Then place two fingers on his wrist and push down. He'll resist. Now have him put one foot on a surface that's a half inch higher (a few magazines) and repeat. This time his arm will fold like a house of cards. By misaligning his hips, you've offset his spine, says Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., co-owner of Results Fitness, in Santa Clarita, California. Your brain senses that the spine is vulnerable, so it shuts down the body's ability to resist.

After n Before




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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Future Tactics? Present Tactics.....

If you want to bring down a country's information infrastructure and you don't want anyone to know who did it, the weapon of choice is a distributed denial of service attack.

Using rented botnets, you can launch hundreds of thousands — even millions — of infobombs at a target, all while maintaining total deniability.
In this hypothetical scenario, a single attack launched by China against the US lasts only a few hours, but a full-scale assault lasting days or weeks could bring an entire modern information economy to its knees.

This is great because it's succint information. But it's been around for a while now.

Get the full story on Wired

Comments Closed!

If people in real life acted like they do in the comments section, it would probably be a bit like this:

Speed up Acrobat Reader

Adobe Reader SpeedUp is a simple application that was created to help make the loading time of Adobe's Acrobat/Reader software bearable for everyday use.
AR SpeedUp only needs to be used once (a process taking only a few seconds) and then your 'Reader will be transformed forever.
There are also some tweaking options available.

This (along with any other free software really works, has no spyware, and is great)

Download IT

The Guru Speaks

Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel, has, along with others like Richard Stallman, literally changed the world of software forever.

Linux-based distributions seem to pop up every day, while more and more devices now run Linux at their core, from mobile phones to inflight entertainment systems, to the world's mission critical server infrastructures.

The development of the kernel has changed, and Linux is just getting better and better. However, with a community as large and fractured as the Linux community, it can sometimes be hard to get a big picture overview of where Linux is going: what's happening with kernel version 2.6? Will there be a version 3.0? What has Linus been up to lately? What does he get up to in his spare time?

Read the rest at APCMag

Book lovers paradise

Ever wish there were a Netflix for Books? Well there is, and BookSwim is its name.
You build a queue of books you want to read on their web site, they ship books from your queue, you keep the books for as long as you want, and you return books with pre-paid postage.

Their base plan lets you keep 3 books at a time for $20/month, while their biggest and baddest premium plan costs $36/month for 11 books at a time.
With over 150,000 titles, BookSwim looks like a promising service for the bookish sort.

On a personal note, along with reading PDF's, this is a great way to cut down on cut down trees.

Check out their site HERE. (They are having bandwidth problems right now... but check back later)

PSP's have finally been "freed"

"All for one, and one for all. A project promulgated under the collective Noobz - more officially branded as N00bz! - has given birth to another monumental development in homebrew: a PSP unbricker for every Sony PlayStation Portable. In short summary, it would perform the following:

1. You run a program on a homebrew-enabled PSP that will convert a standard PSP battery into a jigkick battery. Note that you can't then use that battery normally - so you should use a spare one.
2. You run a program to generate the unbricker memory stick image, built from the v1.5 update EBOOT (note that this, and the custom IPL, means the release is completely free of Sony copyright materials).
3. You run some programs on a PC to install the image to your memory stick."

In short... this little piece of hackery enables you to re-flash your firmware on ANY PSP all the way down to 1.50, and then you can upgrade it to any of the many custom (Much better, IMO) Firmwares out there.

Update: Checkout the new vid:

Download the files and How-to's HERE

FREE CD/DVD recovery software

CD Recovery Toolbox tool was developed for recovering damaged files from different disk types: CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray, etc. You can use it to restore information lost as a result of some mechanical damage of the disk (scratches, chips, different spots on the surface) or as a result of incorrect recording. Thus, the program can recover data that was considered lost. The CD Recovery Toolbox Free tool scans any CD and DVD disks and finds files and folders located there. We should mention that there can be some information on the disk that cannot be recovered. Not all of the files and folders can be found - that depends on the degree and location of the damage. Therefore, the CD Recovery Toolbox Free tool finds the possible maximum amount of information. After that, it shows a list of all files and folders available for recovery. Now the user can select the files and folders to be recovered. Those specific objects will be recovered while the others will be ignored. The program recovers the maximum amount of information in the damaged file. This reduces the risk of data loss considerably.


Small-ish concert, somewhere, by someone

Pearl Jam
August 2nd, 2007
Vic Theatre - Chicago,IL

Disc 1:
01. (crowd) 00:40.31
02. Trouble 04:43.03
03. Dead Man 04:25.26
04. I Used To Work In Chicago 02:08.22
05. (New Ed Song) 06:26.48
06. Picture In A Frame 02:21.34
07.(crowd) 00:36.08
08. All or None 05:00.21
09. Education 02:52.01
10. Sad 03:30.44
11. In Hiding 04:30.05
12. Parachutes 03:24.30
13. I'm Open 01:15.35
14. Wishlist 04:09.20
15. Down 03:38.03
16. Undone 03:50.45
17. Off He Goes 05:25.49
18. Hard To Imagine 05:03.47

Disc 2:
01. Gods' Dice 02:18.72
02. World Wide Suicide 03:39.17
03. Rats 05:18.72
04. Gone 04:04.03
05. Why Go 05:02.27
06. No More 04:05.34
07. Inside Job 06:40.02
08. Low Light 03:33.07
09. Love Reign O'er Me 07:02.53
10. Comatose 05:19.45
11. Black Diamond 05:09.39
12. Sonic Reducer 04:32.51
13. Indifference (w/ Ben Harper) 06:43.27

Total: 127:31.21

Notes: Ed solo set is first 6 tracks.

Compiled on August 7th, 2007 - Thanks to Krinas!!!

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Friday, August 10, 2007