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Friday, June 17, 2005

Jon Stewart, and the day-ly show

The great TVSquad Blog has listings of the happenings of the last couple of episodes from Stewarts show.


"Welcome to The Daily Show. We start off with Terry Schiavo news. Right after we thought the chaos was over, the autopsy reports are released. The report shows that there was no saving Schiavo (her brain was already half the normal size) and confirmed that she was, indeed, in a vegetative state. This has caused some politicians that were against removing the feeding tube to turn to denial (y'know, the ones that were pretty much saying that Schiavo, with a little help, could've been in Flashdance 2)."

Read it here:

It was the maid, with a needle, in Marlon Brando's bedroom...

It's been almost a year since Hollywood legend Marlon Brando died of pulmonary fibrosis - but did he have to go when he did?

Philip Rhodes, a close friend of the Godfather star, has his suspicions, and a new Playboy "expose" has his comments to that effect.
The notoriously reclusive Brando hated doctors and hospitals, and recieved most of his medical care at hime, at the hands of his maid/mistress. Rhodes says he became concerned when he found out that the maid (in cahoots with her sister, a registered nurse) had been giving Marlon injections of a painkiller which enlarged his liver.

"About a week before he died," says Rhodes, "They found a tremendous growth. Why hadn't that been found earlier? If they had operated, maybe he'd be alive today." But if that's the case, what's more to blame?

Marlon Brando's possibly-shady lover/de facto caregiver?
Or the fact that Marlon Brando was such a freak that he let his possibly-shady lover/de facto caregiver shoot him full of dope because he didn't want to go to the doctor?

here's the link:

Weekes works 'Secret Life'

According to VARIETY:

"Production has begun on "The Secret Life of Superfans," a feature documentary focusing on people whose love for pop-culture heroes becomes an obsession.
Directed by Deverill Weekes, pic will include interviews with Rob ZombieRob Zombie, Bryan SingerBryan Singer, Gary OldmanGary Oldman and Malcolm McDowell.

Sam Okun produces and finances the film. He signed a first-lookfirst-look deal last summer with ArdustryArdustry Entertainment, Peter Sahagen's Beverly Hills-based indie production, financing and distribution shingleshingle, where he's developing television and feature projects.

Weekes is a Los Angeles-based photographer known for his work with figures in the film and music industries."

Variety pisses me off with ads and everything, so I just copied the whole story to my blog.

If you still want to go to their site, here it is:

Courtney as Caligula?

Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli is best known for organizing a performance at the 2001 Venice Biennale, in which former supermodel Veruschka (Antonioni-heads will remember her as the star of the opening photo shoot in Blow-Up) sat on a bench embroidering for four days.

Four years later, Vezzoli is back at the Biennale, and this time he's brought a trailer for his new film, an update on Gore Vidal's Caligula.

With costumes designed by Donatella Versace and appearances by Milla Jovovich, Benicio Del Toro and Vidal himself, even just the trailer is drawing tons of attention.

The Guardian says it's "very funny and very camp", and Artforum's David Rimanelli calls it the "succès fou of" this year's Biennale.
And guess who plays the titular Roman emperer? None other than the "authentically bonkers" Courtney Love. Who better to play a sister-seducing, world-class glutton? I can't wait to see pictures.

Read all about it:

Guinness Ice-Lollies


What do you need to do?

- Purchase a 4 pack of the wonderful stuff and a pack of tongue-depressers

- Put a can of Guinness and a lolly into the freezer

- Wait for a couple of hours, then pop the ringpull with the slushy Guinness inside, give the can a little shake and wait for the head to settle. Back in the freezer until it is frozen completely

- The next stage includes a large knife, so if you want to make your own frozen delight please be carefull!

- After you have cut an insicion into the base of the can you should have something that looks roughly like a robots metallic flange receptical

- Next, you take a small teaspoon and heat up the handle with a lighter or a hob on your cooker. After you have driven the spoon into the hole remove it quickly and insert the lollypop stick while the liquid is melted.

- Then all you do is return the can to the freezer for a hour to cool off and set again. The process is now near complete! all you have to do is cut the top off the can and remove the widget that will be at the top of the can.

- Push the stick into the can and your Guinness Ice Lolly will slide out and after all your good effort you will be rewarded with..... You're very own Guinness Ice Lolly with head!

Of course, this can be done with boddingtons...

hmmm..... gonna try both this weekend...

DIY Conspiracy theory

What They Don't Want You to Know

In order to understand the assimilation of human souls into a virtual online world you need to realize that everything is controlled by a Mawalien Tech group made up of jewish golfers with help from Benfica sympathisers.
The conspiracy first started during The writing of "The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" in Lima, Peru. They have been responsible for many events throughout history, including the Bill Clinton/Cigar Scandal.
Today, members of the conspiracy are everywhere. They can be identified by Responding to any question with "Huh? What?".
They want to force people to listen to rap music composed by Senator Baku-baku Mblenzi Makka-wakka the 3rd and imprison resisters in Lisbon, Portugal using rikshaws.
In order to prepare for this, we all must train monkeys to write shakesperian poetry. Since the media is controlled by Lesbians we should get our information from Bill Gates.

Make up your own here:

A Steven Hawkin Nightmare...

What would be Steven's worst nightmare?

Waking up in a nutshell?


See more here:

Japanese PORN...

Yes, yes, yes...

I found a web page that has a huge list of japanese PORN terms... translated into russian...

I just thought this was cool, because unless you're Japanese or Russian.... you can look at porn all day long, and no-one will ever suspect what you're doing...

"Нудо гекиго" (англо-японское "обнажённый театр"). Исполнители показывают стриптиз, а затем раскрывают и демонстрируют зрителям свои вагины, будь то при помощи увеличительных стёкол, передаваемых из рук в руки, или без них, после чего случается Хонбан манаита, то есть секс-шоу с участием зрителей."

Read more over here:

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Silence of the Grendels

Commodore is back...

Well, I had a Commodore 64, and it was one of the hardest pieces of kit available at the time...

Anyway, Commodore faded out of the scene a while later... but they're coming back..

Commodore PMC

Just because it has the Commodore name on it doesn’t mean it has anything anymore, but Yeahronimo Media Ventures, which snapped up the brand from Tulip Computers late last year, has busted out a new Commodore portable video player (or at least they’ve slapped the Commodore name on one).

The PMC30 isn’t anything all that special otherwise (30GB hard drive, 3.6-inch LCD screen, 5 hour battery life for video, and support for MPEG4, DivX 5.0, and WMV9 video files and MP3, AAC, and WMA audio files), which means that they’re hoping that the nostalgia kick alone will be enough to drive sales.

Pink Floyd at Live8


So ya thought ya might like to go to the

I know a lot of people would, man!

Would I go to this show?

Probably, yeah... having been recently introduced to their music (Thanks Saki)

Pink Floyd, nominated one of the greatest bands of all-time… and in the opinion of many, the SECOND greatest band of all time AFTER the Beatles
(yes, better than the Rolling Stones and Dylan and fricken Coldplay) is going to reunite for the first time in 24 years at Bob Geldof’s Live8 concert series to benefit Africa.

The concert is one of five taking place around the world on July 2. Other performers will be Madonna (umm...), REM (cool), U2 (cool), Sir Paul McCartney (ok, but his Superbowl concert thing was so bad), Sir Elton John (yeah, cool), Coldplay (no comment) and Robbie Williams (whatever).

Truly it is great to see all this attention paid to Africa. It’s about time. It seems like we’re in about a 20 year cycle anyway, given the last big event of this type was the We Are the World thing (now we know what Michael meant by “We are the children”. OK, bad joke. The guy was acquitted after all).

Anyway, amazing stuff. Pink Floyd reuniting. I’m trembling it’s so cool. And I would like to go, but will likely be stuck here… erm... posting on my blog...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Movies for the P900

This site is one of the many I use to get great films for my P900

They have great movies, like Madagascar, The Machinist, Translator, THX, Sin City and a bunch of music videos... keep checking it out, coz they change movies regularly.

Fog, anyone?

Yeah... fog machines rule...

wanna make one?

course you do...

Motorised Bar Stool

Yeah... this must be great fun... hook a motor onto a Barstool... and away you go...

Full plans included here:

Although, 2 pints of vodka would probably acheive the same effect.... and for a 1/10th of the price...

Smoking may be bad for your PC...

Who gives a rats a$$?

Check this out, on how to fit your own personal lighter to your PC:

DIY Zoolander Mini-Cellphone

This is a laugh, but surprisingly easy.

Here ya go:

Complete Anonimity on the NET


1) Brain
2) USB pen drive, one about 64 mb
3) A computer at home
4) Firefox installation (most current at time of writing is1.0.4)
Additional Recomendations:
1) Shoot for a USB pen drive of about 256mb
2) Some knowledge of Batch would be nice

Read the rest here:

Xbox in a Breif-Case...

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes...

I want to make one of these for my birthday....

Want to fix "Stuck" Pixels?

Do you own a Laptop, PSP, TFT Tv screen? Or anything else that uses TFT technology?

If so, go to this site, download the video, and leave it running for 4 to 8 hours. I'll unstick those stuck pixels.

Wont fix dead ones tho...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Face recognition for a cat flap?

This is just plain dumb...

erm... unless you have a cat....

Read all about IT...

"The Americans Are the Most Gullible" - when it comes to social engineering

Well, I don't think we need the "Über-hacker" Kevin Mitnik to tell us this, but it's a good read...

"It doesn't work the same way everywhere. The Americans are the most gullible, because they don't like to deny co-workers' requests. People in the former Soviet bloc countries are less trusting, perhaps because of their previous experiences with their countries' secret services. The main factor in southern countries, like Spain, is getting people to like you. And in Germany the important thing is not to contradict yourself and to follow the rules."

Catch the full story here.

RedMeat is bloody...

I have been visiting these guys site for about 5 years now.... and they never get old...

Check out the full collection HERE...

Well... webcomics are all the rage...

Here's one you might not know..

volf merganth frthrawlier morier...


or something...

If youre still reading... clik HERE... to see more

John and John are cool...

These guys are disgusting, but cool

Stickmen AD+D

One of my favourite web comics...

All about a group of stickmen characters running around in a D&D world...

Check out the rest of them... here...

More pics from Malawi

This guy "frockland" took some great pics in Malawi. Check them out...

Frocklands Visual Tourist Page

Monkey Bay - Venice Beach

This pic is from Monkey bay.... the backpackers' paradise...

Shine on you crazy... CD collection, that I have no idea what I'm gonna do with...

Like me, do you have 500+ CD's laying around the house, and you have no idea what to do with them? (I mean, apart from the giant solar mirror that can melt through a tall building at 3 million paces...)


Talk to your search engine

And I quote:

"Use Google talk by entering three or four words below. The system will search for this sentence at Google, find the next word and print that. Than it will remove the first word of the search string, add the found word and repeat. The result seems to be meaningfull sometimes. Other times it is giblish. But always fun."

This is what happens when I start it off with my name:

-> marcus Aurelius Antoninus Pius, X Tiger HAND and the World, of the World, Book cover letter to the World, of the World, of the World, Book cover, of the World, of the World"

and it just seems to repeat of the world ad nauseum...


Here are some pictures of me and some friends

Me, and friends, in Portugal...


Here you go...

Night-vision chess

In case you were wondering what to make for an Xmas present, here's a great idea...

Night Chess