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Friday, June 17, 2005

Weekes works 'Secret Life'

According to VARIETY:

"Production has begun on "The Secret Life of Superfans," a feature documentary focusing on people whose love for pop-culture heroes becomes an obsession.
Directed by Deverill Weekes, pic will include interviews with Rob ZombieRob Zombie, Bryan SingerBryan Singer, Gary OldmanGary Oldman and Malcolm McDowell.

Sam Okun produces and finances the film. He signed a first-lookfirst-look deal last summer with ArdustryArdustry Entertainment, Peter Sahagen's Beverly Hills-based indie production, financing and distribution shingleshingle, where he's developing television and feature projects.

Weekes is a Los Angeles-based photographer known for his work with figures in the film and music industries."

Variety pisses me off with ads and everything, so I just copied the whole story to my blog.

If you still want to go to their site, here it is:

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