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Friday, June 17, 2005

Guinness Ice-Lollies


What do you need to do?

- Purchase a 4 pack of the wonderful stuff and a pack of tongue-depressers

- Put a can of Guinness and a lolly into the freezer

- Wait for a couple of hours, then pop the ringpull with the slushy Guinness inside, give the can a little shake and wait for the head to settle. Back in the freezer until it is frozen completely

- The next stage includes a large knife, so if you want to make your own frozen delight please be carefull!

- After you have cut an insicion into the base of the can you should have something that looks roughly like a robots metallic flange receptical

- Next, you take a small teaspoon and heat up the handle with a lighter or a hob on your cooker. After you have driven the spoon into the hole remove it quickly and insert the lollypop stick while the liquid is melted.

- Then all you do is return the can to the freezer for a hour to cool off and set again. The process is now near complete! all you have to do is cut the top off the can and remove the widget that will be at the top of the can.

- Push the stick into the can and your Guinness Ice Lolly will slide out and after all your good effort you will be rewarded with..... You're very own Guinness Ice Lolly with head!

Of course, this can be done with boddingtons...

hmmm..... gonna try both this weekend...

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