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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kenny Gilmore and the Sangalala Band

Quoting Websters:

English Translation for: sangalala
Chewa: be glad, to rejoice.
Doe: become cheerful.

Well, this is a blast from the past.

One of my best buds from Malawi just sent me a message over facebook, and I found out he had a band in Malawi, and they've cut an album.

The band's name is Sangalala (Check out their myspace page)

Kenny is the lead singer and plays the harmonica, along with Patrick Anadi on Lead Guitar, Felix Jere on Bass, African Percussion is beat out by Steve Mthume, Modern Percussion by Madalitso, Keyboard and vocals Charles Foster, and last but not least Peter Phiri on the horn.

They played at the Lake of Stars music festival, and here's an excerpt from Kenny's blog:

"Still feelin the buzz after the lake of stars, who could ask for a better location than the Northen Lake shore of Malawi. Many thanks to all those who spoke to me and to the boys afterwards, it was great to meet you all and I hope we will one day make it to play in your home countries. I'm trying to put together a little library of photos from the lake of stars so if you have any you want to send me it's zikomo kwambiri! If any of you have any questions about the music we play, and our current schedule in Malawi feel free to ask. I would like to post a short movie clip on the site I am talking to TV Malawi about watch this space! love to all - Kenny.."

Also, the Lake of Stars website had this to say about the band:
"...and not forgetting the amazing Kenny Gilmore and his Sangalala band stole the show from the Malawian side of things..."

Last year he was interviewed by Xan Philips, and here's a couple of lines from his site, and the interview itself:

"When Kenny Gilmore visited the UK in 2006 Xan Phillips interviewed him about the band, music in Malawi and the influences behind their latest album ‘Ngati Mafunde Mafunde’.
The conversation is interspersed with three tracks: Musade Nkawa, Ngati Mafunde and Phwando.

Look out from some great harmonica sounds, a bit of Chichewa, and a bunch of laughs. recount a party at Doogles for Saint Patrick's day this year:

"Kenny G started off the entertainment getting everyone in the mood with originals such as ngate mafunde and cover versions such as ‘Brown eyed girl' by well known Irish singer Van Morrison. The crowd went wild - especially the girls, when shirtless Kenny strutted his powerful stuff!"

He has a couple of videos uploaded. The music is great, yes. But kudos also go to the video production.. you can see a lot of effort went into the videos, and they show the band just basically having so much fun!! Also, beautiful Malawi is nicely depicted, and every 10 seconds, I'd be going "geeez... I remeber that (house, beach, mountain, bridge)"

Here are a couple:(I'll start with one of my favourites)
"Ngati Mafunde"

And now we have Kenny scaring some girls on a beach in "Malawian Queen"

(And just to even things out a bit, here's one I dug up by Kenny himself...)
"Darkest Hour"

He is currently living in manchester, where he still performs, writes and records.

After a little bit of searching, I found out a little about what he's got planned, from Check it out, and let Kenny know if you can help out, or recommend a friend!