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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I have a friend who has a problem

I have a friend, who has a problem.

He's lucky.

Everything he has in his life has just turned out right for him.

And I mean everything. Anything you could imagine to be good.
Friends, companionship, family, job, health. You name it. He has it.

What should I do?

Tell him to be careful?

I dont think he'll listen.


Ash said...

why would you tell him anything in the first place? If he has got everything then he won't really need advise, and probaly won't listion

(PS. vist my sit and answer my qwestion)

Ash said...

whoops I spelled the wrong met to say "site"

Kitsune said...

Hi remember me?
Well I was reading this post and here's what I think: if you think that you need to talk to him about this, then do it! Don't be afraid to talk 2 him about it. :-)
Be strong!

Wmn rule,