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Thursday, November 02, 2006

10 reasons why christianity is wrong

The 10 Reasons Why Christianity is Wrong
by Trevor Burrus · October 30th, 2006 ·

10. It is Absurd: This may seem like I am re-stating what this list sets out to show. However, this is misleading. When someone comes to us with an extravagant claim the most common reason we may discount the claim is because, to put it curtly, we find it absurd. The reason why the majority of people don’t believe in Scientology, reincarnation, Mormonism, Greek Gods, etc. is not because they have extensively researched the historicity and veracity of the claims, it is because they don’t believe such things happen in the world. In other words, common sense tells us that when someone claims the absurd almost anything is more likely to be the case (i.e. they are lying, they are delusional, they are relying on misinformation) then for the absurdity to be real. Men do not miraculously heal the sick, raise the dead, cure the blind, and rise from the grave. The claims of Christianity are prima facie absurd. The burden of proof is on them.

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Whats the difference between me and a christian?

A christian would have mailed 150 people with "proof" that Jesus exists / is the savious / is dead, but is coming back REAL soon / other things i cant think of right now...


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