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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

10 Greatest Head injuries in movies

A long time ago, movies weren’t allowed to have any violence, not even blood.
Some monster would drag its hapless victims off screen and your mind would have to fill in the bloody blanks.

These days, we have “Hostel,” the director’s cut. Enough said.

Head injuries will always get a wince out of your audience because it’s the most visceral injury a human being can watch. Even though they aren’t real, they will always feel the pain. Who knows the psychological causes or the weird, subliminal connections behind them?

It’s probably because we all have the same thought when we see a mob goon getting his head bashed in or a zombie’s head being blown apart six ways from Sunday with a double barrel boomstick - “Phew, sucks to be that guy.” So whip out the Band Aids and wear an extra thick helmet because here are the movies’ 10 best cranium crackers…

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