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Friday, July 13, 2007

Embedded Desktop Monitor

Step 1 - What you need:
At first i decided where the embedded screen should be placed and how big the tft has to be.
15" and a position between the keybord and the edge of the table seemed to be good.

Then i ordered the cheapest but working 15" TFT display i could find at ebay: An EIZO L350.
It is used, some years old and only analog, exactly what i needed, because my graphic card just takes one digital and one analog monitor.

I also bought a 28,5x36cm and 0,5cm thick Windowpane (usual glass)
and black silicone.

And i needed black insulating tape, some screws and attachments made of metal.

I'm definately gonna do this...

More over at Instructables

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