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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Go-ogl_e cracking down on pirates?

A Google lawyer announced that in September the firm will roll out a new content filter for YouTube that should block pirated material from being uploaded on the site.
Google, which acquired YouTube in October, plans to generate a library of digital video fingerprints that would be used by a computer system to screen clips being uploaded to YouTube, said Philip Beck, one of the attorneys representing Google and YouTube. Beck added that the screening process would take only a few minutes to determine whether a clip is copyright material.

Google, Viacom and the class of copyright holders that have filed suit against Google and YouTube within the past year, were in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, for a scheduling hearing.

Beck's statement is significant because it would appear to be the first time that anyone from Google has set a firm launch date for a filtering-system roll out. The company has frustrated numerous media executives by promising to produce better copyright protections for YouTube but not delivering. Critics are quick to note that many of YouTube's competitors already screen content.
Currently Google has to manually delete these files.

According to CNET
we've got untill September to watch greats such as "The S1MPSONZ"
(This is the full movie, available on G.Video)

Update: Seems like they manually deleted it... DOH!!!

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