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Friday, July 13, 2007

Scripting your own Bash-Shell

1 - What you already know. (should know)

=========================== Aliens Bash Tutorial ==============================
--------------- Written by Billy Wideling <-> ----------------

First you probably need to read a UNIX command bible to really understand this
tutorial, but I will try to make it as clear as possible, there is about
100-150 UNIX commands explained later in this tutorial.
You are to have some UNIX experance before starting on this tutorial, so
if you feel that you have UNIX/Linux experance feel free to start to learn
What I included here is general shell scripting, most common other things
and some UNIX commands.
Here's the most common shell types:

bash = Bourne again shell
sh = shell
csh = C shell
tcsh = Tenex C shell (not tab-completion-extended C shell)
tclsh = Tcl shell
ksh = korn shell
ash = a shell
bsh = bourne shell ? (in most Linux distributions it's a link to /bin/ash)
zsh = the Z shell (it's what it's manual page tells about it .. :/ )

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